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GigaVox Audio Lite

The GigaVox Media platform is the first open one-stop media production and publishing solution.

As content creators, you face a dilemma: Either commit to services and networks with restrictive lock-in and limited options, or go the DIY route and integrate your own collection of independent services and applications. Neither of these options gives you the agility to keep up with changes in your businesses or the world of online media. The GigaVox Media platform solves these problems for all publishers, regardless of size, audience or need for monetization.

The GigaVox Media platform is based on the content-management system (CMS) developed over the past three years to power IT Conversations, the longest-running podcast network with more than 1,800 published episodes. The CMS assembles podcasts dynamically from audio/video/HTML components such as ads, promos, intros, outros, and program material. Combined with our SmartDeliveryâ„¢ technology, the component-based solution allows you to publish current content as well as update already-published content without manual editing. Publishers of all sizes have newfound opportunities to refresh their archived programs and insert new advertisements, promos and content with the click of a mouse or via our robust campaign-management system.

Easy Integration With No Lock-In

Unlike other piecemeal solutions, the GigaVox Media platform is built with a core concept of no lock-in. Use your current blog, media/podcast homepage and hosting provider. There is no need to switch services to begin using the GigaVox Media platform. The platform integrates seamlessly into your current workflow and hosting setup. Simply point your GigaVox Audio account to your current site and web hosting account and it will begin to manage and update your audio and video content and podcasts.

GigaVox Audio Lite – the Free Platform

The foundation of our offerings is a client/server platform for producing and publishing audio and video programs and podcasts. GigaVox Audio Lite is free for commercial and non-commercial use. Although it is free, it delivers substantial benefits, unmatched by any other system, free or otherwise. The benefits include:

  • Extreme ease-of-use.
  • Automated improvements of audio and video quality.
  • Component-based show assembly.
  • Ad Campaign Management
  • SmartDeliveryâ„¢

Platform Ad-Ons and Upgrades

Entry-level producers will find that the free platform more than meets their needs. However, many professional podcasters, consultants and companies will want to upgrade to our fee based additional services that plug into the basic system. Ad-ons include modules such as:

  • Advertising sales.
  • Automated program rebuilds.
  • Measurement and reporting.
  • Hosting and content delivery.
  • Multiple user login.
  • Access control for independent producer/consultants.

Private-Label ASP

For major accounts that require that their content and/or data be segregated we can provide an entirely separate instance of our platform as a managed service.

Platform Technology

If you are curious about the technology driving the GigaVox Media platform you can read more on our Technology page.

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